A New Financial Solution for ORACLE E-Business Suite

Coping with new business paradigms whilst continuing to grow the business in an ever increasing regulated world, will be pressurising your operational excellence and risk management.

We at ATTEYA Group have recognised these forces and produced a class leading Business Intelligent solution (ApplStream®) to assist Financial Directors and their staff in keeping them accurately and timely informed of their business performance.

Functions like:

  • Financial Analytics (live dashboards)
  • Forecasting
  • Debt Recovery
  • Overdue Invoices/Payments
  • Invoice Classification (30, 60, 90 days)
  • Accounting Periods Comparisons
  • Tracing Transactional Information from Aggregated Data (on-line drill down)
  • Identifying and Rectifying information etc

ApplStream® is built with our own DNA technology. It is a ‘simple to use‘ reporting solution for Business Intelligent, and is designed specifically for all users of the ORACLE E-Business Suite. (Click here for more information)

System Features:

  1. Fast installation – maximum 5 hours.
  2. User friendly and easy to use, only 4 characters (% ! ; _ ) to drive all searches, reports and ‘Business Intelligence’ information.
  3. Active on-line functions - summarization, graphs, locking columns, favourites, integrated mail, xls variants, sending etc.
  4. Ready to use functionality, no need for extensive Analysis and Business Case justification
  5. Cost effective; licensed per module with unlimited users

We are offering a free trial license for a limited time period. This license is installed with full functionality, delivering a guaranteed risk free experience.
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