TAGIT system

Allow us to introduce a unique technology convenient for increasing the efficiency of processes within your organisation.


It is a system based on RFID UHF technology (radio frequency identification). Materials, laundry, medical equipment, computational equipment, as well as patients, staff, etc. can be fitted with chips that can be read across great distances (up to 9 metres).


Tagit is built on DNA Technology and can quickly react to a user’s requirements and changes requested during implementation.


Advantages over competing designs:

• several chip versions, including fabric (for stitching to bed linen), paper (printable, incl. DHIM), plastic (can be installed on metal objects) and others with high mechanical and thermal resistance

• the chips are passive, meaning no batteries needed; a chip costs several cents

• the system can identify the chips across great distances, up to 9 metres, without direct visibility and contact ("common" RFID access systems read across approximately 2-30 cm)

• reader aerials can be hidden (e.g., in suspended ceilings or door frames)

• chips can be read in great quantities (e.g., in a collection bag with dirty laundry, containing several dozen or hundreds of them)

• the whole design is contactless, ensuring no requirements on the staff. There is no need to change established operating procedures

• no complicated counting and sorting of materials; the system reports quantities and movements and can perform a full stock-take upon a single click of a mouse

• the system can assess and prevent restricted goods movement (theft)

• it recognises the direction of passage (movement) and can monitor whether a timeframe has elapsed

• overview of wash cycles, reviews made, item turnover, time sequences

• patients can also be chipped

• staff can have an overview of the current presence of patients within a ward or precinct

• robust SW solution allowing integration into HIS, configurable SW client

• designed completely using IP technologies = easy installation and management

• individual financial solutions possible

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