The new version ApplStream 4

Friday, 27 August 2010 16:35
The new version ApplStream 4

ApplStream® 4. – The New Version Brings User Improvements

•   ApplStream® has received the ® trademark with the new version.
•   Substantial improvement of data handling at a user’s level.
•   Higher flexibility in report administration.




Floating Heading with Column Description

In the case of a long report, which has several hundreds or thousands lines the new ApplStream version offers an integrated floating heading with column description, which is visible all the time even if you scroll the report down, see fig.1.

fig1 v4


Extended Data Sorting at Two Levels

The new version of the portal makes it possible for a user to dual sort data in a report.
Let’s take an example:
data in a report are sorted alphabetically in the column “Purchaser” , this column is locked and subsequently data are sorted in the column “Supplier”, see fig.2.

fig2 v4 


Information Line

A line showing all characters written in an entry field appears at the lower edge of the form to provide faster orientation and checking of parameters entered in entry fields, see fig.3.

fig3 v4 


Select Box

A dynamic scrolling in the Select Box while entering a string in a field makes it possible to find the sought item in the drop-down list faster.

fig4 v4 


User Definition of Transaction Types

If you have more transaction types in the Oracle EBS application, which you want to group and use under one title in your reports, then you have a possibility to establish a user type of a transaction in ApplStream.
As an example we can take several transaction types, which are considered by you as so called “stock dormants” and group them into one user type and perform reports over such type. As a result several transaction types will be included en bloc in a report when type “stock dormants” is selected. Similar situation can be in case of definition of incoming or outgoing types.


A new version of the SQL Intelligent module allowing efficient and conceptual production of BI modules with the same logic and production of reports as in case of ApplStream® has been released simultaneously with the new version of ApplStream®.
More news will be introduced to you individually during the installation of the new version at your company.