What is the Dynamic Gene

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 Fig. No. 1 Shows the display of the "Invoice" general entity, information associated with the entity is automatically displayed: "Voucher", "Description", "Amount". The "Description" has been removed from the listing by means of  "!".

dg1 en

Fig No. 2 Shows allocation of one entity "Amount CZK" by means of one Dynamic Gene. The "Amount CZK" column appears in the listing upon adding this entity.

dg2 en


Fig. No. 3 Here you can see the allocation of the "Account" entity by means of one Dynamic Gene with the difference that this entity shows two columns "Account" and "Acc Amount" in the listing.  It results from the above that one entity associated with one Dynamic Gene can display more columns (more pieces of information).

dg3 en


Fig. No. 4 This example shows the use of a Dynamic Gene with a checkbox listing several columns.

dg4 en


Fig. No. 5 Engagement of all previous examples in one report.  Here you can see other relations of a Dynamic Gene in use. In case the "Amount CZK" and the "Schedule Payments" are activated together, two more columns will be displayed, the "Schedule Amount CZK" and "Sched. Remain. CZK".