SQL Intelligent

Module– A form defined by individual entities such as entry fields, check boxes, combo boxes etc. Modules allow the user to generate data using various combinations. A single module can generate dozens of reports, all of which are comprised of different contents. The size of a module is dependent on the number of dynamic genes it uses--this does not mean that one dynamic gene is one entity though.


Dynamic Gene– Provides modules with the dynamic feature, which can link several other related entities to the basic entity of a module. The more genes entered into a module, the more complex the module and the more complex the reports. Basic entities usually have just one gene, but related information can be associated with it.


Database Instance- Each module connects to a database instance from which it gets its data. If a single-instance package is chosen, then the modules will always connect to the same instance. If a multiple-instance variant (PLUS) is chosen, then the modules will be able to connect different database instances--thus within a single environment the user will be able to connect to a greater number of data sources.


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