SQL Intelligent BI Reporting Tool

The BI SQL Intelligent application makes it simple and easy to publish SQL queries on a web portal--to obtain information from within a company, SQL Intelligent allows the interconnection of individual data resources and creates from them a data highway. Integrated within SQL Intelligent is artificial intelligence, which complies and optimizes SQL queries. The basic functions of the interface allow the user to save data and use strings, filters, summaries, etc. online without having to export the data to another application.


SQL Intelligent provides a much higher information yield, faster access and more possible combinations of reports than the standard SQL reporting tools. With the proper configuration, the user can have a very extensive business intelligence tool for a low startup cost.


The internal IT in SQL Intelligent can accommodate the requirements of various users in a fast and simple way. With SQL Intelligent, it is now much easier for the user to freely define reports--including the use of graphic charts--and access data from any database.


The framework supports the two basic types of reporting: static and dynamic. For dynamic reporting, SQL Intelligent has DNA Technology, and therefore supports dynamic reporting to a much greater extent.

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