General Ledger

General Ledger

Data view from the General Ledger is divided into two basic views and 3 modules. Data views are divided to vertical and horizontal. All modules are specifically modified for financial reporting and controlling, including VAT and other legal documents plus reports for financial investment.


Basic data views

Vertical – Vertical type report means to view basic entities within a time frame from top to bottom with detailed information on each item from left to right.

Horizontal – horizontal data means to view basic entities within a time frame from top to bottom with amount, price, number of transactions and the like displayed in timeline format from left to right. Timeline is possible for any period in any format (day, week, month, year).



General Ledger / Detail

This module enables a particular transaction data view from GL on a pacticular account. Viewing option of detailed information about invoice, supplier, customer and the like is commonplace.

This is a vertical format of data view.


General Ledger/Balance

This module enables data view from GL ORACLE EBS in summary form on a pacticular account.

The modules basic functions are to compare accounts in several periods independent of each other with comparative calculations. This module uses functions in the correct format for financial reports, management accounts, legal documents and controling.

This is a vertical format of data view.


General Ledger/Horizontal

Likewise GL Balance shows a summarised data view of general ledger with a different view in horizontal form. In addition, this module enables comparative calculations of financial reality against the financial plan, summarising a differential calculation in its own timeline view.

This is a horizontal format data view.


All modules have the integrated DASHBOARD function, plus basic application functions of sorting data, summarisation, export to XLS and the like.

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