ApplStream ExE - Express Edition

A Unique Work Environment - ApplStream is incredibly dynamic: reports are not isolated and aimed at one specific result which cannot be further modified. Instead, the use of various modules allows for the generation of a wide spectrum of extendable concrete results.


ExE is a specially designed group of modules, aimed at providing a swift implementation in order for the customer to more quickly be able to access and search the database. The modules included in the ExE version contain the most frequently used and required information from the standard Oracle E-Business Suite modules. The individual modules included in the ExE version correspond to the modules in EBS but contain additional information. It is possible for the customer to download and test individual modules. Based on the results of the test and the customer’s specific needs, it is then possible to download a custom ExE package which contains only the most essential modules. ExE can be used in English, French, Slovak and Czech. 


ApplStream ExE
 ASE01  Finance         X X X                
 ASE01a  Finance advance     X X X X X                
 ASE01e  Finance expert X X X X X X X X              
 ASE02  Logistic                 X  X X X      
 ASE02a  Logistic advance           X X     X X X      
 ASE02e  Logistic expert         X X X X X X X X      
 ASE03  Manufacturing                         X X X
 ASE03a  Manufacturing advance                   X X   X X X
 ASE03e  Manufacturing expert               X X X X X X X X


CF – Cash Flow   
FA – Fixed Assets
GLB General Ledger / Balance
GLH General Ledger / Horizontal
GL General Ledger / Detail
AP Payables
AR Receivables
PRO Procurement  
TRX Inventory / Horizontal
INV Inventory
PO – Purchase Orders
SO Sales Orders
BOM Bill of Materials (structured)
WIP – Work in Process
MRP  Manufacturing Resource Planning

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